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Предлагаем Вам текст, предназначенный для чтения вслух, с целью освоения английской интонации. Конечно, Вы уже пришли к выводу, что эти упражнения становятся всё менее сложными для Вас.

  • Every day, when you are reading the morning papers, there is news about all kinds of wars going on.
  • In this way we cannot forget that, while we ourselves are living in peace, things are not so good for lots of other people.
  • Day in day out these people run the risk of losing their lives in air attacks and a hundred other ways in which wars are fought.
  • Why is it that people cannot live peacefully for a longer time?
  • This question is hard to answer. It must be something deep within us.
  • Is there anything we can do about it?
  • Some people say we have to destroy all weapons and close the factories that make them. But things don`t work that way.
  • There will always be people who will do anything for money.
  • Other people say that negotiations are the answer. But it often happens that people walk out of negotiations when it seems they are getting less than the others.
  • We have to keep trying to be good to other people and in the meantime remember what has often been said: if you want peace you have to be prepared to fight.

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