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Переходим к традиционному упражнению на чтение и произношение. Для лучшего освоения английской интонации ориентируйтесь на ударные слоги, выделенные жирным шрифтом:

  • Time is an important thing in our lives.

  • To do the things we have to do we need time.

  • When there is too little time we cannot do things as well as we want to do them.

  • Even having too much time is something that is difficult for some people, because they don`t know what to do with their time.

  • There are people who always know what to do with the time when they don`t have to work.

  • They go for a walk or read a book or make all kinds of things that are useful or beautiful.

  • Sometimes they sell these things, which is their way of showing that time is really money.

  • But other people feel bad when there is nothing for them to do, or at least they think there is nothing to do.

  • Usually these people waste their time or choose to listen to the radio or to watch television.

  • They are very happy when friends come to visit them so they can talk about the news or whatever is worth talking about.

  • It would be difficult to say which of these is the better way of spending your time.

  • We are always ready to say that we are doing things the right way and that others are not. But how can we be sure? Other people are doing the best they can, too.

  • It is a good thing that we are all different.

Переходим к итоговому упражнению, обобщающему материал двух уроков. Если перевод всех предложений не составит для Вас трудностей, Вы можете приступить к выполнению следующих заданий:

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