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  • People have always said that crime doesn`t pay.

  • But in some countries crime seems to be profitable because the criminals are not sufficiently punished.

  • Even if a prisoner is convicted of a crime, he often doesn`t have to go to prison for a long time.

  • They say this is because the criminal didn`t know very well what he was doing when he committed the crime. Don`t ask me how they know.

  • If a prisoner`s behaviour is good he is released even sooner.

  • It is obvious that decent people can hardly feel safe in such situations.

  • I think the only thing that we can do to change this situation is to punish the people who don`t want to punish criminals.

  • Of course there are also happier things to talk about, such as weddings.

  • Who doesn`t become happy himself when he sees other people happy on their wedding-day?

  • Even if you prefer to stay single you can imagine that this is a day they will never forget.

  • We must hope that life will always bring us more things to be happy about, than things to be sad about.

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