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  • То people who live in the country and earn their money in agriculture, the weather is much more important than to those who live in a town or city.

  • Favourable weather is necessary for a good crop.

  • Sometimes it is too dry and at other times it is too wet.

  • Also there has to be enough sun.

  • If it is too cold for too long the crop will not grow fast enough.

  • But we know that farmers are not easily satisfied, whatever weather we get.

  • For city people the weather is something to talk about every day.

  • When people meet, even if it is for the first time, they talk about the weather.

  • And of course they are glad when they can sit in the sun during their break.

  • Sometimes the weather can give us beautiful things to look at.

  • Lightning can be very impressive, but it also scares some people.

  • Is there anybody who doesn`t enjoy looking at a rainbow? And what about a beautiful sunset?

  • Even a thunderstorm or a shower can be beautiful in its own way.

  • Whatever way you look at it, the best thing is to be satisfied with the weather, for there is nothing about it that we can change.

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