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  • Many people think that living in the country is very nice.

  • There is not so much traffic, it is also less noisy.

  • The air, that we all need, is cleaner there, and it is nicer to see fields and meadows than all those buildings and crowded streets.

  • But a lot of people prefer living in a town or even a big city.

  • They know the bad things which we have talked about, but they say that there are also good things.

  • In a town it does not take much time to go to your work or do your shopping.

  • There are many cinemas which you can choose from if you want to see a film.

  • And some of them feel good only when they see a lot of people and traffic.

  • They think the country is too quiet for them.

  • They even think that the things which happen in a town are more important than the things which happen in the country!

  • So you see it is difficult to say which is better, country-life or life in a city or town. Many people think that the situation which they have been in all their lives is the best. And who can say that that is not true?

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