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Перед Вами упражнение на чтение. Тщательно работайте над произношением слови интонацией предложений.

  • Do you often have to go to a bank?

  • Sometimes there are many people there.

  • You have to wait before withdrawing or depositing money.

  • Many people have to fill in forms.

  • They try to write very fast because they have little time.

  • Some people only want information, but that takes time too.

  • When you have done the necessary things you leave the bank in a hurry.

  • You don't know if there is still time for shopping.

  • And when there is much traffic you cannot drive very fast.

  • Things get even worse when there is trouble with your car.

  • You don't know what the trouble is, and you have to ask a mechanic to check everything.

  • If the trouble is very serious you have to call a breakdown van. You don't even know when you will sec your car again.

  • Sometimes you have to pay all the money that you have withdrawn from your account.

  • They say they have put a new engine in your car, but is that true? You know that some people are not reliable. They only want your money.

  • They like the coins, but they like the bills even better!

  • When things get very bad you have to borrow money, usually at a high rate of interest.

  • This shows how one bad thing can cause another. It is better not to worry too much.

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