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Повторение материала этих двух уроков мы начинаем, как обычно, с упражнения на чтение. Ударение в предложениях падает на слоги, выделенные жирным шрифтом. Просим Вас не пренебрегать этой существенной частью урока. Чтение вслух поможет освоить мелодику иностранного языка и придаст Вам уверенности в разговоре.

Have you ever been in an accident?

My brother was, yesterday afternoon.

A policeman was directing the traffic.

But a cab did not stop in time.

My brother was hit by it on a zebra-crossing.

We were glad that he was not seriously injured.

There were many onlookers.

The witnesses say my brother did not cause the accident.

Some pedestrians think they always have right of way.

But everybody knows that is not true.

We all have to try to prevent accidents.

Policeman cannot do everything.

It is better when there are also traffic-lights.

You travel fast and easily by underground. But it has become very expensive.

There are so many underground trains that you don't need a time-table. A modern underground is not noisy or dirty. But sometimes there is not enough money.

People are tired when they get home from the factories and offices.

Some of them go to bed early, because they are sleepy.

When it is too noisy, they wake up.

They don't like that.

It is much better to have nice dreams.

But when you have a nightmare you are glad when you hear the alarm-clock.

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