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Эту часть урока мы посвятим повторению. Начнём с упражнения н а чтение.
Читайте чётко вслух, обращая внимание на расстановку ударения в английских предложениях. Следите за интонацией:

Do you like clothes that are out of fashion? I never buy them. But they are not so expensive as other clothes. And sometimes I have little money. Last week I spent much money on a new coat. Another coat was cheaper, but it was not waterproof. And when I tried it on it did not fit.
I must remember to buy some grapes. The greengrocer in our street always has fresh grapes. If there are no grapes I can buy pears. At the greengrocer`s you always meet people. They tell you the latest news. I also have to return some books to the library. It is late already, but not too late. If you return the books late you have to pay more money. Why do you think of money all the time?
My sister works at the airport. She has to get up early, when it is still dark. She likes to watch the planes when they rise into the sky. She has worked there for seven years. Before that she worked at a butcher`s shop. At the airport she meets more people. She sometimes talks to them, and then she never sees them again.
Do you know people who are always busy? They spend all their time on their work. They are always in a hurry. And some of them smoke too much too. I think they forget to live, because they are so busy. They never find the time to enjoy nice things. They don`t know what a good book is. And you will never find them in a cinema. They don`t understand how you can enjoy a football match. I think they are not nice to talk to, because they know nothing about all these things.
But it is difficult for them to change. If they can change, it takes a long time. When they have changed they are glad. They think it is never too late to change. Many people say it is better to eat more vegetables and less meat. Also they say that fresh fruit is good for everybody. Is it good to listen to these people? I think it is. If you don't you will grow fat. Some fat people don't live very long. You want to live a long time, don't you? You will, if you do the right things. But what you eat is not the only thing. It is also what you do and don't do. If you sit on a chair all day you get tired. After an hour of walking you will feel better.

Материал последних двух уроков мы завершим итоговыми упражнениеми на повторение грамматики. Переведите данные предложения, используя изученные ранее грамматические правила. Если Вы уверенно и без ошибок выполните эти упражнения, смело переходите к дальнейшим заданиям.

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