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Have you ever been in an accident?
Some people hurt their arms and legs.
Sometimes they have to go to the hospital.
My sister, who is a nurse, has seen many of them.
Last night, when we were listening to the radio, we heard bad news.
An old man was waiting on the platform.
He fell and hurt his chest.
People helped him in a hurry, but they were too late.
Some people hurt their fingers when they are using a hammer.
When did you buy that wrist-watch?
I bought it last month. So it is not old yet.
I have never bought a new car.
I haven't much money and an old car is cheap.
Have you ever had a car of your own?
I go to work by bus.
The bus stop is near my house.
When I'm too late I have to walk.
Do you want milk or beer?
I don't drink beer at breakfast.
But I like to have two boiled eggs.
I don't put too much salt on them.
Salt makes you thirsty.
And it is not good for everybody.
I always use our electric toaster.
I sometimes forget to switch off the radio.
Then it is on all day.
In the evening I listen to the news.
What things do you use at breakfast?
We always use napkins.
We sometimes use glass plates.
The salt-cellar is also made of glass.
It is not good to eat in a hurry.
Some people read the newspaper while they eat.
Then they don't know what they are eating. Before they know it they are already leaving.
At the office they take the time to drink coffee.
I am always thirsty after a long day of work. Then I listen to the radio and have a glass of beer.
But last night I was reading a novel. It was a very good story.
I started before seven and was reading for four hours.
Other people go to football matches and still other people go to the cinema.
To see a match you have to buy a ticket.
Tickets for a match are not always cheap.
Across the street there is a flower shop.
They sell all kinds of flowers there.
For other things you go to other shops.
Across the square they sell potatoes
and there are also tomatoes and other vegetables.
The baker sells bread.
Every week we buy four loaves of bread.
Old bread doesn't taste very good.
Have you ever tasted it?
It is not good to eat much fat.
In meat there is sometimes a lot of fat.
And it is not good to eat when you are not hungry.

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