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We don't like to walk in foggy weather.
Sometimes it is windy too.
When it rains we put our boots on.
I hear you can read English.
Is it not very difficult?
No, my brother teaches me to do it.
We have to pay a lot of money to the doctor.
On sunny days we go to the market.
We buy potatoes and tomatoes there.
Then we go home by bus.
We wait at the bus stop.
Sometimes the bus is late.
We get on the bus together.
We talk and look through the windows.
After half an hour we get off.
At home we drink coffee from large cups.
He sits on the floor by the fireplace.
Is it not better to sit in an easy chair?
From my chair I look at the picture across the room.
It is on the wall without wall-paper.
I see there is an expensive carpet under my feet.
Who has put it there?
The dog is under the settee.
Our secretary wants an ashtray.
She smokes a lot of cigarettes.
But she also works a lot.
I think she works from nine to six.
Do you work so much too?
No, I have to go to school every day.
At school I sit next to my friend.
There is a calendar on the wall.
I don't like school in the heat of August.
There are always flowers in the window. The ceiling is not always white. When people smoke it gets brown.
The sun doesn't often shine in December. The temperature is low this month.
I have bought a few novels.
I have put them in the living-room.
An easy chair and a table-lamp are there too.
I always drink a cup of tea when I read.
I don't want to forget what I read.
Shall I show you my stamps?
Don't you put them on letters?
No, I have collected them for a long time.
They are very expensive now.
What else do you collect?
I have a lot of magazines about planes.
They are on these bookshelves.
I have shown them to all my friends.
They do not always think they are nice.
They don't understand I like them.
But they want to collect other things.
Cheap things can also be nice to collect.
Where have I put my purse? I don't know, I haven't seen it. I have to stop now, or I'll be late.

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