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Следующие предложения мы предлагаем как упражнение на чтение.
Читайте, тщательно работая над произношением.
Для облегчения задания мы выделили жирным шрифтом слова, которые нужно акцентировать при чтении.
I know she will go downstairs. 

Will she stay in the cellar for a long time? 

I don't know. Ask her. 

Is there an office opposite the house? 

No, but there is an office in the square. 

Do many people work there? 

I think there are more than sixty typists. 

Do they often work after five? 

They always stop before five. 

Did you see the match last night? 

I thought it was bad. 

I always worry about my shoes. 

They are too large for my feet. 

In spring people buy other things than in autumn. 

Was that question too difficult? 

She understood all their questions. 

Are trees also green in winter? 

In winter their leaves have gone. 

But in spring the leaves are there again. 

He knew there were no lamps. 

He had to go to a shop to buy them. 

They were expensive and he had not much money. 

He cannot buy lamps every day. 

Horses are bigger than deer. 

Are they also faster? 

They have never seen tomatoes. 

It is nice to watch the birds in spring. 

They sing when they see the sun. 

These are my father's shirts. 

He doesn't know I put them on too. 

Yesterday we had breakfast in the kitchen. 

The dining-room was full of people. 

They wanted to buy our bookcases and chairs. 

What else did they want? 

They wanted our clocks too. 

Those people stayed all morning. 

They talked for a long time. 

People like to talk about the weather. 

Can you ever forget that day in September? 

That day I smoked my last cigarette. 

My sister has stopped too. 

But she thinks it is not easy. 

Do men smoke more than women? 

I think they smoke less. 

In hotels and offices they sometimes ask you not to smoke. 

Many people don't like that. 

They don't want to stay long. 

But you can also open your windows. 

Then it is not so bad. 

There are many churches in Russia. 

Last year we visited many of them. 

We go to church on Sundays. 

You can go on other days of the week too. 

In summer many people fly to the sea. 

But that is expensive, I think. 

I haven't so much money. 

They have money, but they don't want to fly. 

They think it is better to go by car. 

A car is not difficult to drive. 

But a plane is much faster.

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