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She will show it to us.
Is this horse better?
Do you know my friend's brother?
This music is easy to sing.
I smoke too much.
Tonight I shall stop.
You cannot make coffee without water.
I think there is something in my eye.
There is a park all around the house.
You can see a lot of animals there.
What about this song?
Do you like it?
Do not put your feet on the table.
Do those families live in Kharkov?
Cars are often faster than buses.
Have you seen her this week?
There was much rain between August and December.
Tonight they will smoke thirty cigarettes.
Why is there no music on the radio?
Which is to sit on, a table or a chair?
Can you always understand what you read?
The fourth year is one day longer.
He doesn't like cats and dogs.
You cannot sit in this kitchen forever.
Why don't you drink some water?
They put their feet on the window.
We knew he would pay in time.
Take this bicycle if you cannot walk.
She will teach us to write an English letter..
The fastest car is not the cheapest.
The barber will cut your hair.
The rain stopped in less than five minutes.
She reads these books.
I like to drink my black coffee.
He has to go, it is almost six o'clock.
It is not difficult to smile at people.
Do you know that a chair also has legs?
Some trees live a long time.
We have seen many winters without snow.
You must try to listen to me.
These men make better shoes than those.
All those dates are in the month of August.
Will men ever understand women?
It takes a long time to visit the office.
Did the sun shine on Friday?
It has shone all summer.
We saw that it was too difficult for them.
What else is there to worry about?

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